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Cheap Bike Rental Point in Wroclaw

Our bike rental is located in the very centre of Wrocław and is equipped with 40 comfortable and absolutely safe city bikes provided by Kands – a reliable Polish bicycle manufacturer.

Why rent a bike from our bike rental point?

First of all, upon deciding to rent one of our bikes you are not only environmentally friendly, but you also give yourself a possibility to discover the city in a more direct manner than through the window of your car. You can get anywhere you want by bike, and, apart from that, you will avoid the taxing activity of finding a parking lot for your car.

Each bike is equipped with the necessary lighting, safety lock and a map containing all the necessary landmarks, which is why discovering Wrocław by bike can be an extremely enjoyable experience.

Our bike rental system is yet another advantage you might want to consider; our bikes can be rented for 24-hour periods. This feature of our bike rental system can spare you a lot of stress related to nervous staring at the watch in an attempt to control the time remaining until the bike should be returned.

Where can I collect the bike I have booked?

Our cheap bike rental is located near the Wrocław Market Square, that is on the Rynek 14 street. You can collect your bike personally or have it transported to the premises of the hotel you are going to stay in.

How to book a bike?

You can book a bike via the following means:

Choose one of the available options from our offer
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Be eco & enjoy Wroclaw
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Be eco & enjoy Wroclaw

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