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Biking Tours Around Wroclaw

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The city of Wrocław and its immediate surroundings can be discovered from various angles and perspectives. Our offer enables you to discover the picturesque capital of the Lower Silesian region on a two-wheeled vehicle!

Since 2010 we have been providing professionally guided biking tours around the city of Wrocław and its surroundings. Our tours are completely safe and are being continuously adjusted to all kind of standards that have to be met. The biking tours will give you a much better view of the city and its surroundings, on both literal and metaphorical level.

Wroclaw bike tour – our offer

We offer guided biking tours to both groups and individual visitors. Our professional guides can speak the following languages in order to ensure effective communication: English, German, Russian, Spanish and Polish.

Group biking tours

Our biking guides will present you the city of Wrocław from a completely different angle. During the 3-hour biking tour, you will discover up to 30 the most important tourist attractions the city has to offer, including Stare Miasto (Old Town), Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island) and Hala Stulecia (The Centennial Hall).

Biking tours around Wrocław take place regularly in the summer season (from 1st March up to 31st October) and are led by a licensed guide who speaks both English and German. During the winter season, biking tours are provided only on individual request.

Biking tours for individual visitors

The biking tour itineraries for individual visitors are prepared independently, which means that the tour is tailored to your needs. The tours usually involve 2 or 3-hour sightseeing in the city of Wrocław on a bike. The pace and the scope of the tour are adjusted to the individual needs of the participants.

How to book a biking tour?

You can book a biking tour around Wrocław via the following means

Choose one of the available options from our offer
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