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1. Why should I choose your company?

We are touristic leader in Wroclaw. Since 2013 we are providing our services, for 365 days per year, to thousands of individual customers as well as companies and institution. Thanks to high quality of services which we provide we are cooperating with the biggest hotels, apartments and companies in Wroclaw. We are having licence of tourism organizers no 1018, licence for transport of people no 0000008 and insurance guarantee TU INTER Polska S.A nr 3/2017/OKR. We are having our own electric cars, buses, bikes, tourist guides, apartments, ship and beach. That is why are don’t have to engage any subcontractors and we can ensure best quality and lowest price.

2. How to contact us?

The best and the fastest way to make a reservation is to contact us earlier via email or phone. You can also visit us in our office.

3. How to get discount?

We offer discounts in following situations:

  • Trips outside of Wroclaw city – discounts for groups of minimum 4 people of children between 3 and 15 years old.
  • Groups – we are offering discount for bigger, organised groups. In such case, we are preparing individual pricing taking into account number of participants, number of children and type of service.
  • More than one service – in case of ordering more than just one of our services we are offering a discount for each next service.
4. Can I order a trip which is not included in your offer?

We are waiting for that. Already, we organised numerous trips from outside of our offer, especially: looking for important places, we organised city games for 150 people, we organised customised entertainment for companies, concerts and shows, ship cruises combined with party and campfire, logistic service for big events like congresses, conferences and sport events.

5. What is the best time to visit Wroclaw?

Wroclaw is beautiful during each part of a year, especially during summer. It is one of the biggest cities in Poland with rich history; the city is constantly full of life. During all year, the city offers numerous attractions and landmarks to see. It is called Venice of the north due to big amount of bridges, islands and surrounding Odra River. It is also the warmest city in Poland.

6. What if we are an organised group?

In case of groups each offer is made individually. We can make complex plan for your stay. We will organise transport and will advise while choosing appropriate hotel, we can book entrance ticket to chosen attractions. We will organise private concerts, team building, regional souvenirs and adequate form of sightseeing and all of that in even more attractive price.

7. Is it more beneficial to order more than one trip or attraction?

Certainly. In case of ordering more than one trip or attraction there are additional discounts waiting for you. Pricing is prepared individually.

8. Is the price all cost which I can handle?

Basically, all costs of the service are included in the price. Detailed offer presents what is included in the price, it is included in the description of each sightseeing or attraction. After booking of a service you receive confirmation via email in which price, elements of sightseeing and transport are listed.

9. The prices are counted for a group or one person?

This is explained in a description of each sightseeing or attraction. In case of any doubts we are offering our advice via email or phone.

10. How can I order your services?

We are welcoming you to rich us via phone or email. We are working 365 days per year, including holidays and weekends, between 8 a.m – 8 p.m. During remining time, we are encouraging you to contact us via text message / email. We are answering very quickly.


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11. When and how can I pay? In which currencies, can I pay?

There is a possibility to pay before of after sightseeing. We are ensuring possibility of paying via credit card, by cash or via account transfer. We accept following currencies: PLN, EURO, Pound, USD.

12. Is it safe to pay before a service is performed?

We are operational since 2013 as a licenced tourism organisers and we are enlisted on the official registry of Marshal’s Office, we also have insurance at TU Inter Polska S.A. no 3/2017/OKR which ensures safety to our clients.

13. Can I receive a bill or an invoice?

Yes, for any of our services you are receiving a bill or an invoice.

14. In what languages the trips are available?

Our guides are speaking: polish, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, French and Byelorussian. After giving us earlier notice we are able to organise guides using other languages like: Swedish, Chinese or Hungarian.

15. What does it mean that the trip is individual?

It means that the trip is organised only for people who ordered it and its programme it arranged to meet preferences of ordering customer. For example: sightseeing by electric car, walking tour, bike tour, folk show.

16. Are pick-up and take back after the trip included in the price?

This is a standard for our services to pick up and our clients and then drive them back to the place of their stay.

19. Is it possible to annul a trip or attraction?

Years of experience showed us that even when the trip is planned there may be still unforeseen reasons which makes us to change the plan. We understand it in case of annulment of sightseeing or attraction and we do not charge you with any additional costs.
The only exception is a situation when particular trip or attraction caused for us costs, which we cannot annul, for example: impossibility of returning entrance tickets.

17. How can I recognize my guide?

If our driver is pick you up from the airport he will have a plate with your surname given during reservation. In case of pick up from a hotel of apartment a driver will wait for you at the front office and will know your surname given during reservation.

18. What in case of flight delay?

Our driver will wait. Such situation is not causing any additional payments.