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Multimedial Fountain

11 Dec

Multimedial Fountain

One of the biggest attractions in The Wrocław are inimitable Multimedial performances of fountain, next to the centennial Hall.

We assure the transport in our electric cars for guests from the Hotel to the Pergola, the transport is connected with the trip through gorgeously illuminated and excluded from city traffic, the oldest part of the City- Cathedral Island. We bring tourist to the place of performance , wait for them and after the show, take them back to the Hotel or Main Square.

Multimedial Fountain in Pergola is the extraordinary project on the worldwide scale. The surface of the fountain covers at about 1 hectare and is scattered with over 300 water-nozzles of different kinds (geysers, foaming nozzles, dynamic nozzles , punctual nozzles, palm nozzles, water nozzles and 3 fire nozzles). Spectacle of water and fire is enhanced by pictures presented by projector on the water-screen, lights of lasers and sounds of the music. The water is let off on over 40 meters height, and on created in that way water-screen with over 700 m2  size, presented are lasers-animations. Fountain is illuminated by over 800 light-points placed in its ground.

Fountain of Wrocław was solemnly opened in 04.06.2009 because of the 20th anniversary of the first free elections in post-war Poland, till this moment Fountain has visited by over 1,5 millions of tourists from our country, as well as from abroad.

Shows are taking place during summer season (May – October). Day show are presented every day from 10 a.m. up to 5 p.m. Evening shows starts at 6 p.m. and lasts up to 10 p.m. Water show is accompanied by a classical music, contemporary music, pop music and ambient. Weekends and holidays are a unique opportunity to experience special fountains shows. Water show is synchronised with carefully selected music, light spectacle and multimedial animation what results in outstanding artistic experience.

Example of the show: http://wroclawskafontanna.pl/#/POKAZYSPECJALNE