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The secrets of World War II

The secrets of World War II

90€ per person

Let us take you on an adventure along the track of the biggest secrets of the Second World War in Lower Silesia. See Osowka, which is part of Project Riese, Ksiaz Castle, Gross-Rosen concentration camp and the labyrinth-shaped exhibition in Krzyzowa.


A former estate of Helmuth James von Moltke, where Kreisau Circle, one of the most famous resistance movements against the politics of the Third Reich was established. You will learn about the history of the crimes against the Polish people commited during the Second World War as well as the consequences it had on the German nation. The exhibition presents the history of the Polish-German relations in the second part of the 20th century. The building currently belongs to the Krzyzowa Fundation, which main goal is to promote a dialogue between the European nations.

The Osówka Complex

Part of an impressive project conducted by the Nazi Germany between 1943 and 1945 (code name Riese). The misterious structure called The Underground city still hasn’t revealed all of its secrets … Discover the biggest and the most complex Hitler’s headquarters in Lower Silesia.

Ksiaz Castle

The third biggest castle in Poland, statuated in the majestic rock cliff by the side of the Pelcznica River. Located 395 merters above the sea level and surrounded by a beautiful forest, the castle is sometimes called the Pearl of Lower Silesia. The castle’s location combined with its size is not a common sight in Europe. In 1943 Hitler’s paramilitary organisation Tod began building one of his main quarters which, along with other objects of the Riese complex close the castle, near Osowka and Wlodarz, played a crucial role.

Gross-Rosen in Rogoźnica

The biggest Nazi-German concentration camp in Lower Silesia, with particularly harsh conditions and penal work in the quarries. The motto of that place was Vermichtung durch Arbeit (Anihilation through work). Around 40 000 prisoners died here: Poles, Jews, Russians, French and Hungarian.



Groups 2-3 people / Single seat
90.00 €  /per person
Groups 4 and more people
80.00 € /per person


We need min two people to organize the tour.
We able to pair a single tourist with a group if we’re going to have other reservations on that tour.


  • Included
    The secrets of World War II
    High quality, flexibility and experience
    Care of a trip pilot
    Take back to the hotel / apartment
    Drinks and snacks
    Tours in ordered language
    Driver which fluently communicate in English/German/Russian/Spanish/Polish
    Transport by minibus with air-condition
    Pick up from the hotel/apartment
  • Not Included
    Safety lock
    Local guide in Gross Rosen Muzeum
    Delicious mulled wine
    Warm blankets
    Protective curtains against wind rain and snow
    Hitting in the electric cars
    Care of the tour guide
    Entrance ticket and services of licenced museum guide



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